Dive into $BOMEFORK, where we're amping up the meme madness by blending classic meme culture with the latest in decentralized storage tech and wild crypto antics. Our mission? To lock in the best memes of today into a digital vault—making sure every gem is stored forever on the blockchain. With $BOMEFORK, powered by Solana and Arweave and leveraging IPFS for primary storage, your favorite memes are secured for the long haul. Join us as we carve out a fresh dimension in decentralized social media and keep memes rolling nonstop.


BOOK OF MEME FORK (BOMEFORK) is the wild side of $BOME. Thought $BOME was the peak of meme magic? Think again!

We're diving even deeper into meme madness with more chaos, more degen features, and a flood of new memes that stretch the limits of humour and tech. More is more in the meme-verse, and with BOMEFORK, the meme party never stops!

It's a complete ecosystem linked to our Fork, with memes stored on IPFS, Arweave, and directly on the blockchain. Plus, explore our decentralized social network, use our meme-making tools, and browse through a vast CC0 Meme Clipart Collection. All in one memecoin!

All memes that are yet to be minted or published will be stored here in the Book of Memes Fork

Many useful tools will be published in Book of Meme

MEME Pixel Enhancer - Check out our DF1 Meme Enhancer LINK

PixelArt Creator - Transform your images into pixel art reminiscent of classic video games. Start pixelating now! LINK

No-Rights Reserved Meme Collection (Open Access Meme Archive): Nostalgic for the days of old-school clipart but crave something cooler? Dive into our CC0 Meme ClipArt Gallery Link

IPFS Shit MEME Gallery: Ever dream of being a meme pioneer? Explore our exclusive collection of Unminted or Unpublished Memes LINK

Blockade game is live, more Meme games will be added to the BOOK OF MEME FORK Link

BOOK OF MEME FORK (BOMEFORK) Total Supply: 6,900,000,421 $BOMEFORK

Presale Participants: 47.15% of Total Supply
Liquidity Pools 22.84%
Team and advisors 10% Lock Link
CEX Listing 8% Lock Link
Marketing 12 % Lock Link

Presale on PinkSale: LINK

So, the starting dex price for $BOMEFORK will be the same as the presale price, But some still might be tempted to jeet their tokens just to break even lol. Remember: if you were part of the $BOME launch, you'd probably want to hang on a bit longer. Don't be quick to jeet out! XXD

Instructions during the presale:

Buy through the PinkSale presale Link
A timer for the Presale start and end is displayed on Presale Page.
We will launch $BOMEFORK 24 hours after the presale ends. You can claim your tokens 24 hours after the presale concludes.

Telegram: @bomefork

Twitter: bomefork

Contract: BYSdWd4ytYni2dY2MA2MQi61oNghWiLCucqVQPGyBWo7

Design is inspired by Book Of MEME